Accoya External Wood Doors

Create a stunning entrance to your home with a custom-built front
door featuring sustainable, durable and long-lasting
Accoya wood, from Fine Wood Designs

There’s nothing like a solid wood front door to really make a wonderful first impression to guests and improve your home’s curb appeal.  However, you also want your wooden front door to not only look good, but be able to bear the elements, as well as stand the test of time.  This is why we love Accoya® wood for front and external doors!

Anthracite Grey Accoya Front External Door

What is
Accoya Wood?

Accoya is a high-performance, modified wood known for its exceptional quality and endurance, having been tested in almost every type of environmental condition worldwide.

Now, if you have never heard of an Accoya tree that is because there isn’t one.  Accoya timber comes from the fast-growing Radiata pine tree, which is harvested once it reaches maturity at around 30 years.  At this time, the raw timber goes through an acetylated wood process that creates an extremely strong, stable and durable wood that remains real wood, not a composite.

Browse the images below, to see the variety of bespoke Accoya wood external doors we have built for our clients, and gain inspiration for your new wood front door.

Accoya Wood

There are so many benefits to an external door made from Accoya wood.  Highly reliable, Accoya wood has been rigorously manufactured and tested not to swell, shrink or warp, making it the ideal exterior door for any climate.

Accoya offers outstanding durability. It is very easy to machine, sand, paint and finish in a wide variety of finishes, including stains and oils.  The wood holds finishes well so they will last longer, meaning your Accoya door will be very low maintenance.

In terms of testing against other woods, Accoya outperformed Oak, Redwood, Sapele, Meranti and Iroko woods for lifespan, thermal insulation, coatings performance, maintenance and warranty. Various independent researchers have determined that an Accoya wood door has a life expectancy of 60+ years, with a thermal conductivity that is superior to hardwood by 30%.

From a carbon footprint perspective, as we mentioned earlier, Accoya is made using fast growing, sustainably-forested Radiata pine, compared to other types of durable woods that tend to be from slower-growing species. Accoya’s sustainability is further shown in its eco-friendly production and the fact that it has a long life span.

Accoya wood has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified Gold, one of the  first building products to achieve this high level of certification. It has also been tested and proven to be non-toxic and with no risk of leaching synthetic compounds or chemicals.

Accoya Wood

Honestly, we haven’t found any!

Our Bespoke Custom-Sized Accoya Wood External Doors

We can build different types of external Accoya wood doors for you, including:

  • An unusual door size for your front door.
  • An extra wide exterior door.
  • A replacement standard sized door.

We can build different styles of external Accoya wood doors for you, including:

  • Traditional cottage doors with viewing windows
  • Modern contemporary doors.
  • Traditional period doors with all the modern benefits.
  • Fully-glazed exterior doors.
  • Stable Doors.
  • Double doors.

If you still need more information on Accoya wood, be sure to read The Official Accoya Wood Website.  When you’ve made your decision, let’s start planning your new Accoya door! 

Need some more inspiration for your own front door?

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