Custom Made AV Cabinets

Create a space you'll love with made-to-measure AV cabinets

Fine Wood Designs has an excellent reputation for creating bespoke wooden furniture.  Our made-to-measure AV cabinets, custom built media units and TV Stands are no exception.

Opting for bespoke, handmade AV furniture opens up a world of possibilities for your audio and visual requirements. First and foremost, each piece of furniture is built with your system in mind and to suit your requirements precisely.

Thank you for your efforts today, but most of all for making a magnificent, imposing and beautiful piece of furniture.
Chris Watson
Bradford, West Yorkshire

custom built AV furniture

One sizes really does not fit all, especially when housing audio and visual equipment, as each system is unique.  We work with you to asses your system needs and build a custom made AV unit that fits your style, display and storage needs exactly.

Solid and built to last, all our made-to-measure media cabinets are hand-built to our exacting standards and will give years of service. This means that your new custom made AV Cabinet will not only be functional, but will be a pleasure to use over many years to come.

Our previous media cabinet projects are diverse, spanning both traditional and modern AV cabinets.  They range from simple TV stands & Hifi cabinets to full custom built media units.  Do browse the gallery below to help inspire your project.  And when you’re ready to create your perfect, custom made media cabinet do get in touch.

AV & Media Cabinet in Pippy Oak wooden TV Unit

create your perfect, made to measure media cabinet

There are a number of considerations when planning a custom built media unit:

  • Firstly, what are we building the media unit for?  Is it a simple wooden TV unit with additional storage, a bespoke HiFi cabinet or an entertainment centre to house your whole system?
  • Are there any particular design features you might like to incorporate?
  • Consider whether to display or enclose part or all of your system.  
  • What space do you have available and which room are we building the media cabinet for?  Considerations might be, whether you would like the AV unit to be modern or traditional in design.  Is it to be built to match or contrast with the existing furniture in the room.
  • Consider what additional elements of your system you would like the media unit to store?  Think about amps, cables and air movement.
  • What type of wood do you like?  Would you like a solid wood media unit, or can the unit be a mixture of veneered and solid wood.
  • Finally, in terms of future proofing the cabinet, what storage would you like for now and in the future? For example, do you have an expanding collection of vinyl or Blu rays you might need to store in the future.  Remember to include accessories such as remotes, headphones, 3d glasses and so on.