Plant stands and mirror frames, unique home accessories

We take pride in creating individual items for our clients and plant stands and unique framed mirrors are wonderful examples.  They create perfect accessories when adding those all-important finishing touches that really make your house a home.

Unique plant stands created in timeless designs add detail that can make all the difference to your room.  A wonderful focal point with a dual purpose; to display your favourite plant in its full glory.

Plant Stands: a project example

This particular, unique plant stand is a replica of a Victorian plant stand.  The client had Plant Stands - Ash Plant Standa friend who’s plant stand she had admired for years.  After having looked in antique shops for many years for something similar and unable to find anything that even came close, she approached us to create a bespoke version.

The original stand was dark Mahogany.  To compliment her other furniture, the client requested her bespoke plant stand to be created in a light finish, in Ash.  She provided a photograph of the original for us to work from.

The final piece, was a technical design where all elements – the bowl uprights, legs and two circular supports – were all curved on both planes.  For the final stages it was carved and moulded by hand, creating a wonderful hand-crafted unique plant stand.

Please click to enlarge the images below.  If you would like something similar creating or have a design of your own, please do get in touch.

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