wooden Shutters for Windows in period properites handmade in yorkshire

Providing an excellent alternative to curtains, wooden shutters for windows add both style and a touch of opulence, whilst also being a practical option for your home.  They can be used to transform a single room or an entire house.  Solid wood shutters were widely used in Victorian properties to increase insulation and security.  Heat retention is one of the main benefits of shutters, they can also improve insulation against outside noise and offer superior blackout from light.

As with all our projects, our wooden shutters are built individually and can be made to suit any window, bay window or glass door.  They can be built to cover full height or half height such as Cafe shutters and be made to fit unusual shaped windows.

We have previously been commissioned to provide shutters for s full house of Solid Oak distressed shutters, panelled shutters incorporating a window seat and more recently wooden shutters for a bathroom in a period property.


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